Hormone Management

Effectively treating both the internal and external aspects of one’s health is critical. At Golden Center, we believe that balanced Hormonal health is only possible when a holistic treatment approach to one’s  health is pursued.

While it is easy to think of one’s health as only being affected by the maintenance of our internal organs, it’s just not that simple.

The external factors that we face in our day-to-day life have just as much of an effect on how we feel. Managing both the external and internal aspects is a priority at Golden Center, as we want our patients to enjoy long and sustainable health.

That philosophy is nowhere more important than one’s Hormonal Health. Our Hormones are what allow us to function effectively in our daily lives. They help regulate such things as metabolism, body temperature, what we eat, and how we use what we eat. More inportantly, our hormones help us manage in stressful situations, and they regulate fertility cycles and sexuality. All through our life cycles, our hormones help us internally cope with whatever is happening in the external environment.

  • For the most part,  we take our hormones for granted, because when they are working as they should, we have no issues. 
  • Our hormones should work like a Symphony Orchestra – all in tune and on tempo, functioning to create a unified piece. However, such things as stress, improper diet, environmental toxins, and especially the aging process can cause imbalances in our hormones that lead to a sense of disharmony and dysfunction.

At Golden Center, we are skilled at assessing hormone function, and have helped hundreds of individuals- both men and women, in all age groups- restore a healthy Hormonal Balance using cutting edge diagnostic techniques, and natural and effective therapies.

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