Clinical Homeopathy

Effectively treating  you, the patient, as a unique individual is something lost in today’s modern Medical system. At Golden Center, we bring together a multidiscipline approach designed  specifically for you.

Homeopathy is a practical system of healing developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s after years of personal research. It is based on the presumption that each individual possesses a self-healing ability, or vital force. Homeopathy works by activating this intrinsic ability. The self-healing ability allows the individual to return to balance, but also creates limitations. Homeopathy is only able to work within the limits of the individual’s self-healing ability.

Homeopathy is safe, with no known side effects, if the proper medicine is used. It is practiced worldwide. Dr. Golden is an internationally certified clinical homeopath, and brings his expertise to patients at Golden Center for Health and Healing. With homeopathy, he is able to offer a safe, effective, treatment plan that is developed for each person as a unique individual.

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

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